The best route to explore A Coruña by car
The best route to explore A Coruña by car

Driving in the city can be stressful, but if we think about planning our vacations, we realize that road routes can be very useful and advantageous. If you are one of those who like driving and you are planning your next getaway, in Casa Savi we recommend you to make one of the routes by car in A Coruña that you will surely love.

We start with one of the best car routes in A Coruña along the coast of Galicia, specifically in the north of the Spanish coast, which begins at Cape Ortegal, the second northernmost cape of the peninsula that will give us a stunning view thanks to its imposing cliffs. Once we have enjoyed the views, we start our way to the village of Cariño, a very authentic place that lives from fishing.

Another emblematic point of the route is San Andrés de Teixido, a place famous for its legends and pilgrimages, with a small sanctuary and its whitewashed stone houses. At its feet we find the highest cliffs of continental Europe, in Vixía Herbeira, where we can enjoy its viewpoints and its unique views. And to complete the route, we will visit a lighthouse, in this case the most important in the area of Cedeira which is located in Punta Candieria, offering magnificent views in one of the largest and most important towns in the region. Finally, we will visit the lighthouse of Punta Frouxeira and Cabo Prior, before finishing in Ferrol, where we can visit the beach of Doniños and the Castle of San Felipe, ending our route here.

This is one of the most appreciated routes by car in A Coruña, due to the importance of the places visited and the beauty of its landscapes. The route starts in Ferrol, a town whose distances shorten quickly with slow steps of the feet and the sea in sight. In Ferrol you can stroll through the port of Curuxeiras, the most authentic Ferrol for being fishing and old, visit the neighborhood of Magdalena, the Jardines de Herrera or its beautiful beaches.

At the next stop we can take the opportunity to have lunch, as we will stop in Mugardos, a town famous for its gastronomy and especially for its star dish, the octopus. In fact, the octopus a la mugardesa is a little different from the well-known pulpo á feira, being a recipe that turns into a stew with peppers that is finger-licking good. Traditionally, this dish was prepared by sailors in the middle of their work, accompanied by rice or potatoes, using what they themselves had caught. Undoubtedly, a wonderful stop that you cannot miss.

The next stop of these routes by car in A Coruña is Puentedeume, a coastal town located in the Galician Rías Altas that has three natural elements that make it stand out: mountain, river and sea. At the mouth of the Eume we find this village with medieval history, where we will be surprised with its magnificent buildings and monuments. It is worth making a stop to stroll along the Calle Real, one of the liveliest areas of the place, dedicated to leisure and life.

We take the car to reach our final destination: Perbes. This beautiful town is part of the municipality of Miño, located near the best beaches in the area where you can also do some of the best active tourism and nature activities. The tour of one of the best car routes in A Coruña ends at Casa Savi, where you can enjoy the comfort of our rooms and rest in a very special and unique place. Park your car in our private garage and enjoy a family stay in a unique natural environment.

Enjoy this magnificent road route and make your reservation at Casa Savi, we know you will love it!